Sunday, March 1, 2009

Modern Magic

Modern Magic by Anne Cordwainer is written as a story cycle. The story cycle format is new to me and is one of the first things that you notice when reading this book. For others also new to this, a story cycle is basically a series of linked short stories. What we have here are twelve "episodes" spanning eleven years exploring the lives of John and Liz Prospero in this urban fantasy. Thanks to the use of the story cycle, Cordwainer is able to give us a lot of good fantasy and action in a quick read. The other unique device the author uses is an alternating first person narrative between the two main characters. You get to see both of their point of views and how their personalities affect those around them.

John and Liz Prospero are siblings from a sorcerer family, the Boston Prosperos. Just like in the real world people go bad, and magical users are no different. The Prospero family spend much of their time hunting these magical renegades to keep justice and everyone safe. John, one of the strongest sorcerors in the Prospero line, has to deal with the lot life has given him - the responsibilty and expectation to keep hunting these villains. Liz, born into a sorceror family without having any magic of her own, has her own problems - mainly dealing with the fact that even though she is normal, she can not live a normal life.

In Modern Magic, you will get to see how two very different siblings feel about each other and their fates; it is full of magic (both good and very very evil), adventure, mystery, and some very big surprises. If you like urban fantasy, you won't be able to put this book down.

Note: The above review was based on a book provided to me by the publisher and/or author. As always, I thank them for the opportunity to enjoy some new literature.

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